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Specializing in renewable energies from 1990 onwards ...

IBERECO ENERGÍA S.L. is a company dedicated to Research and Development in the energy sector. One of our company's objectives is to obtain the highest level of energy efficiency, to make energy savings profitable for consumers.

At IBERECO ENERGIA , we understand that energy efficiency and advanced knowledge of information technologies go hand in hand with the search for new technical solutions for the present economic context, environmental protection and the guarantee of the safety and quality of the energy supply.
Our ultimate goal is social economy and environmental sustainability, both of which are achieved through the technical knowledge and experience of the team members by inventing new technical solutions.

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IBERECO ENERGIA, experts in energy efficiency and renewable energies:

The IBERECO ENERGIA team is headed by experts in the renewable energy sector, with extensive experience in the sector since the year 2000, in the areas of electrical and electronic engineering, project management, solar and wind power energy promotion, technical consultancy, Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and business management. All its members are either technical graduates (different engineering branches) or have a degree in law, with post-graduate studies in business management.

Why chose Safe Ibérica

Get savings of between 35 to 60% with electrical load management, and up to 80% with the support of renewable generation.
SAFE is an energy manager that includes the hardware and software required to manage the operation of a number of energy sources, based on the preferences and targets required to comply with the premise of reducing the cost of the energy bill, whilst always showing full respect for the safety, comfort and convenience of each customer, with no change to customer consumer behaviour.
SAFE operates as an energy broker, taking advantage of its Internet connection to manage the purchase of energy based on the energy market time-of-use prices, through a utility or a third party energy services provider.
All SAFE equipment has standard dimensions,to blend easily with the rest of the furniture, to become an essential household appliance.
With SAFE, your business is guaranteed a "zero carbon footprint", as all the energy is supplied from a renewable source. Our company is committed to the environment.
SAFE is based on the need to cover a niche in the energy efficiency market, and is specifically directed at reducing the electricity bill. With this aim in mind, the SAFE R&D Department is involved in ongoing improvement.

Specialists in:

  • Energy saving

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Commitment to the environment

  • Advanced knowledge of the technology

  • Research and development