Complete disconnection from the grid.

As an Energy Load Manager in off-grid systems, incorporating renewable energy generating systems (solar, wind-power, biomass, etc.)

In this case the customer (domestic, commercial or industrial) has the possibility to install one or more renewable energy generating sources. A Detailed Energy Study (DES) of the customer's needs and load curve makes it possible to design the appropriate renewable energy generating system to produce sufficient power to guarantee self-consumption and disconnection from the conventional grid.

Additionally, and as a way of over-guaranteeing supply in the event of demand peaks or excessive, unplanned consumption, it is possible to install a gas or fuel powered genset (micro-generation) to solely operate at times when there is an energy storage shortage or an alarm is triggered. In this scenario, 100% of the energy is self-produced, and there is therefore no conventional energy bill given the fact that the system is disconnected from the utility company.

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